Speeches of Janab Akbaruddin Owaisi


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Akbar sab excellent speech on Telangana issue(11-03-2011)



Akbar Sab on Minorities part-1(08-09)



Akbar Sab on Minorities part-2(08-09)



Akbar Sab on Minorities part-3(08-09)



Akbar Sab on Minorities part-4(08-09)



Akbar Sab on Minorities part-5(08-09)



Akbar Sab on Minorities part-6(08-09)



Akbar Sab on Civil Supply



Akbar Sab-NTR UHS Q MCI Member



Akbar Sab on Expressway and Roads part-1(08-09)



Akbar Sab on Expressway and Roads part-2(08-09)



Akbar Sab on health



Akbar Sab on Hospital Bill



Akbar Sab on Diaphria



Akbar sab on Qns 15 Point



Akbar Sab on 25 Grace Marks in Inter



Akbar sab on 0 Hour Urdu Res. Colleges



Akbar Sab 0 Hour On Release of Prisoners



Akbas Sab 1-Budget reply part-1(07-08)



Akbas Sab 2-Budget reply.(07-08)



Akbas Sab 3-Budget reply part-1(07-08)



Akbas Sab 3-Budget reply part-2(07-08)



Akbas Sab 3-Budget reply part-3(07-08)



Akbas Sab 4-Budget reply (07-08)






Akbas Sab on Swineflu



Akbar Sab on Tax Collection



Akbar Sab Protest on Power Qns Reply



Akbar Sab On GMR Wakf land



Akbar Sab On -Airport Name


  Akbar Sab on GHMC


  Akbar Sab on Bill ST of christian


  Akbar Sab-O Hour-ROBs in Old City


  Akbar Sab Questioning to Ch.whip


  Akbar Sab on Med Health Qns


  Akbar Sab-Obj on CM Enterference


  Akbar Sab reply to babu comments 4-12-08


  Akbar Sab- O hour for M.S.Makta land